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Written and Performed by Isabella Perversi


Young, tough and worn down by a toxic workplace, this is a woman who doesn’t fit in anywhere. Except for when she’s with her sister. But things start to unravel when her sister falls in love.


What follows next will push her over the edge.

When her rage can no longer be contained, who does she become?


Following the success of 'What rhymes with orange?', Perversi is back with a gut punching monologue; jam packed with humour, heart and honesty.

Written and Performed by: Isabella Perversi
Directed by: Emma Gough
Dramaturg:Emma Fawcett

Produced by: Isabella Perversi

Photography & Videography: Ross Dwyer (Mad Hatter Films)

"Isabella Perversi is objectively one of the best contemporary writers in Australian Theatre" - Theatre Travels 

"Perversi truly shines" - Theatre Haus


"Isabella commands the stage..." - Stage Whispers

"[Canary] is simply the next step in the evolution of a playwright that has the potential to leave a permanent mark on our country's art history" - Theatre Travels 


[Isabella's] a talent to watch for the future." - Stage Whispers 


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