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The sh*t between us (short)

Written by: Isabella Perversi & Ross Dwyer

Directed by: Ross Dwyer

Cast: Isabella Perversi & Grace Quealy

Executive produced by: Isabella Perversi and Ross Dwyer

Sound Recordist: Jame Bentley

Edited by: Ross Dwyer 

Written and Produced by Isabella Perversi

Coming to Adelaide Fringe Festival 2022


She lives hand to mouth and day to day while dreaming of something more. 'Canary' flips the bird to middle class Australia and the reality of what it's like to be in service to them. 


Following the success of 'What rhymes with orange?', Perversi is back with one woman's journey to freedom; jam packed with humour, heart and honesty. 

What rhymes with orange?

Written and Produced by Isabella Perversi


A tender and funny two-hander following an ordinary couple simply trying to survive their relationship.

Things started out pretty regularly for Rosie and Tom, but they soon learnt the hardest lesson of all. And while they bicker and banter over the little things, it's what's not being said that's really troubling them. What happens to a relationship when it is held together not only by love, but also by secrets, shame and guilt?

This project is amplified by Melbourne Fringe as part of the Cash For Creatives Program.

Written and produced by: Isabella Perversi

Performed by: Isabella Perversi and Fabio Motta
Directed by: Alanah Guiry

Mentor and dramaturg: Iain Sinclair 
Publicity by: Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)


Written and Produced by Isabella Perversi


EMBER is a window into the mind of a young woman who, waking up one day, realises she doesn’t know who she is. Fleur lives the dream of any millennial, but instead of happiness and satisfaction she is left with an inescapable anxiety for the future.

Fresh, honest and hilarious - this dark comedy is riddled with fear, loss and new beginnings. Filmed and delivered to the comfort of your own home, this one woman show balances identity and desire and asks if we really have a choice in who we are.

Written and performed by: Isabella Perversi
Directed by: Emma Gough
Filmed by: Ross Dwyer (Mad Hatter Films)

Produced by: Isabella Perversi 

Special thanks to Juan Fernando Monge, Anthony Barton and Madeline Bannenberg 

Friends of Mine (short)

When 17 year old Sarah learns of her best friends cancer diagnosis, she is determined to help in anyway she can.

Written by: Isabella Perversi

Directed by: Ross Dwyer

Cast: Jana Zvedeniuk and Isabella Perversi

Executive produced by: Isabella Perversi and Ross Dwyer

Director of photography: James Bentley

Makeup: Alex Marshall

Sound Recordist: James Tran

1st AD: Juan Monge

Edited by: Ross Dwyer 

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