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Written and Performed by Isabella Perversi


EMBER is a window into the mind of a young woman who, waking up one day, realises she doesn’t know who she is. Fleur lives the dream of any millennial, but instead of happiness and satisfaction she is left with an inescapable anxiety for the future.

Fresh, honest and hilarious - this dark comedy is riddled with fear, loss and new beginnings. Filmed and delivered to the comfort of your own home, this one woman show balances identity and desire and asks if we really have a choice in who we are.

Written and performed by: Isabella Perversi
Directed by: Emma Gough
Filmed by: Ross Dwyer (Mad Hatter Films)

Produced by: Isabella Perversi 

Special thanks to Juan Fernando Monge, Anthony Barton and Madeline Bannenberg 

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