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By Isabella Perversi


A tender and funny two-hander following an ordinary couple simply trying to survive their relationship.Things started out pretty regularly for Rosie and Tom, but they soon learnt the hardest lesson of all. And while they bicker and banter over the little things, it's what's not being said that's really troubling them. What happens to a relationship when it is held together not only by love, but also by secrets, shame and guilt?

Nominated for a Green Room Award for Performance (2021) and Best in Theatre at the 2020 Melbourne Fringe Festival for her debut play EMBER, Isabella Perversi now presents What rhymes with orange? - her intimate new work about modern love and sacrifice, set amongst the seeming randomness of life.

This project is amplified by Melbourne Fringe as part of the Cash For Creatives Program.

Written and produced by: Isabella Perversi

Performed by: Isabella Perversi and Fabio Motta
Directed by: Alanah Guiry

Mentor and dramaturg: Iain Sinclair 
Publicity by: Eleanor Howlett (Sassy Red PR)

Filmed by Mad Hatter Films and streamed to you, so you can experience it right from the comfort of your own home!

Approx. duration 45 mins (no interval)

Dates October 8th - 17th 2021

★★★★ Theatre People
★★★★ Be Melbourne

"A neatly constructed two-hander that portrays, with humour and claustrophobic drama, the wheels falling off an intimate relationship" - The Age 

"Perversi writes two very deliciously flawed characters" - Australia Arts Review

" evocative and ambitious representation of a relationship" - Theatre People

"...what a joy to see theatre done well" - Theatre People

" is the unmissable one of the season" - Theatre Travels 

"Take any scene from 'What rhymes with orange?' and you could easily mistake it as being from some Pulitzer Prize-winning classic" - Theatre Travels 

"Both Motta and Perversi give strong performances" - Travels with JB

"earnest, sweet and enthusiastic" - Australian Arts review 

"Perversi and Fabio Motta give life to Rosie and Tom with high energy and gusto" - Australian Arts Review 


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